Wine tasting sessions at the winery

We’re always happy to have guests and we welcome you to see how our wines are made, how we look after our vines, how we bring out the qualities of the « terroir », how we look after the environment and lastly, to see first-hand what 20 years in winemaking look like.
Whether you wish to visit us accompanied by your friends, your colleagues or your business partners, we’re delighted to put together private vineyard and winery visits, as well as tastings tailored to your liking.
Built in 2012, our wine tasting pavilion accommodates 35 people and can house private events in the spacious garden, such as wine tastings for team buildings or private events.

We can arrange various configurations for tastings and private winery visits, available for groups between 10 and 35 participants.


Please make a reservation with a minimum of 15 days prior to your visit. We are a small team and we take great pleasure in having guests. That is why we need time to make sure everything is perfect for your visit.

For visits, tastings and events, please contact our colleague, Geta.

Geta Nicolae


Tel: 0723.627.535