6 lines for a 20 year old story…

A 6 lines description in “The World Atlas of Wine”, written by Hugh Johnson, was enough to bring Romanian terroir to the attention of Count Guy Tyrell de Poix, a French dentist and wine aficionado, descendant of a winemaking family with a tradition of over 600 years in this industry.
Sensing the potential of Romanian wine regions, he left behind the Corsican wine domain he was managing (Domaine Peraldi).
He arrived in Romania in 1993, at Ceptura, Dealu Mare, and he was mesmerized by the Feteasca Neagra created by a young winemaker, called Aurel Rotarescu…this is how our story begun.

And so, in 1994, S.E.R.V.E.( The Euro-Romanian Exceptional Wines Company) was established, the first and for many years, the only private winemaking company in the country. 1994 is also the year of our grand debut, when we launched the Vinul Cavalerului range, which became an instant success.

Over the years, our wine portfolio has increased substantially: in 1999 and 2001 we launched the Milenium blends (red and white wines) and also our first Cuvée, Cuvée Charlotte, born in 2001 with grapes harvested in 1999. Terra Romana range followed in 2005 and it consists of carefully selected wines to satisfy the most refined tastes, a brand exclusively distributed in the HoReCa field and foreign markets.

Cuvée Guy de POIX is the last “Grand Vin” launched by S.E.R.V.E., in 2014, with the occasion of our company’s 20th anniversary, as homage to the man who made a lifelong commitment to Feteasca Neagra and who, unfortunately, left us in 2011- Count Guy Tyrell de POIX.

The Dealu Mare vineyard- the Romanian “Bordeaux”

Situated on the 45th parallel, just as the Tuscany and Bordeaux wine regions, the Dealu Mare winery is considered to be the home of red wines and one of Romania’s most reputed terroirs.

The Dealu Mare wine region is situated in the hills of the Sub Carpathians, between the Teleajen river in the West and the Buzau river in the East. Stretched over 14.500 hectares, ” The Country of the Red Wines” has a rich winemaking history, of over 2000 years.
Very similar to the one in the Mediterranean region, the microclimate in Dealu Mare provides a special development environment for vineyards, especially for red varieties: plenty of sunny days (on average, 14 days more than any other region in the country), little rain and rich soil.
Feteasca Neagra, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Noir are just a few of the grapes that express a more interesting, complex personality in this area. This is also true for some white wines, such as the Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Feteasca Alba and Riesling.

Dealu Mare-Ceptura is also our home. This is where, for over 20 years, nature has expressed itself through our wines.