Cuvée Clemence 2017

GRAPE VARIETY Chardonnay 70%, Fetească Albă 30%
SMELL floral, tilia and plum tree flowers, acacia flowers, cinnamon and vanilla
TASTE creamy, bread crumb, hazelnuts. A balanced and long wine with a particular complexity
WHAT TYPE OF MENU WILL IT BE SERVED WITH pasta, turkey, fat fish

Obtained from grapes picked by hand from the vineyards of SERVE in Cherba region, the middle and lower thirds of the slope, Cuvee Clemence 2017 is an original combination of the varieties Chardonnay – an emblematic Burgundy variety and Fetească Albă – a Romanian typical variety but which is „not less substantial”.

Year 2017 has been a special year for the white wines at Dealu Mare: the temperatures, which have been slightly lower than in the previous years, and the balanced rainfalls have helped to obtain grapes with a very good maturity and a particular sugar-acidity ratio. Both for the Fetească Albă and the Chardonnay, the grapes have had a special quality, 2017 being a favourable year for these two varieties.

The vinification has been made separately by batches and varieties; a rate of 60% of the quantity of Chardonnay has been vinified in 1-2 years old barrels with temperature control.

Since it is an unctuous, full-bodied and balanced wine, we recommend you to serve it cold, at a temperature of 12-13⁰C, accompanied by fish or poultry, mozzarella and fresh cheeses.

Kept in optimal conditions of temperature, light and humidity, this wine has an ageing potential of minimum 8-10 years.

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