Rezerva Contelui Alb (White) 2017

GRAPE VARIETY Riesling 50 %,Sauvignon Blanc 42.5 %, Fetească Albă 7,5 %
SMELL fresh, citric, grapefruit, floral (tilia and robinia blossoms)
TASTE citric flavours (grapefruit, pomelo) and jonathan apple, mineral, crispy.
WHAT TYPE OF MENU WILL IT BE SERVED WITH as an appetiser, light summer salads, sea fruits, fish, white meat, pizza, pasta or light cheese

Count’s Reserve is a wine collection that summarizes the SERVE experience. Thus, after 23 years of activity, we have planned to mark a new milestone in the history of SERVE.

Starting from 2016 we offer under this label high quality wines, made from the plantations that we have founded in 2005 in Dealu Mare. The grapes, manually harvested at the first hour of the day, are carried in the cellar and kept in refrigerated containers until they reach the optimal temperature to be processed.

The must, obtained by pressing in pneumatic presses, is fermented at controlled temperatures, then stabilized and bottled, in order to maintain its flavours and freshness intact.

Rezerva Contelui Alb 2017 incorporates the essence of each of the three varities that it reunites: Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc and Fetească Albă.

Vinul Cavalerului Rezerva Contelui is a collection that offers you a SERVE experience, and not a pre-established recipe. Aurel ROTÃRESCU, our oenologist, has therefore the freedom to assemble each harvest year as he feels inspired to. We let you evaluate the result on your own.

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