ROSE 2018

GRAPE VARIETY Merlot 62%, Feteasca Neagra 19%, Cabernet Sauvignon 19%
SMELL it is a complex wine, floral – honeysuckle, rose, grapevine flowers but also fruity – strawberry, Jonathan apple Taste: Balanced, fresh, complex and elegant
TASTE Balanced, fresh, complex and elegant
WHAT TYPE OF MENU WILL IT BE SERVED WITH dry sausages, white meat, seafood, light fresh cheese or as aperitif
AGING POTENTIAL We do not recommend aging
From year to year, the range of Romanian wines diversifies. In this context, “Terra Romana Rose” remains a landmark of dry rosés:classical, aristocratic, and proud of the area where it originated from:  Dealul Mare.

2018 has been a year with moderate temperatures, drought in the first part of the vegetation and important rainfall in July and August, which brought more frehsness and balance than the average.

For Terra Romana Rose 2018 we have selected the varieties Merlot and
Feteasca Neagră, from the hills around Ceptura. Wine obtained 80% using the “saignee” method, the rest by direct pressing, from the vineyards of merlot, feteasca neagră and cabernet sauvignon, harvested manually with special care at the time of harvest. The cleared must was fermented at 17-18 degrees, for about 20 days, on small lots, after which the assembly has been made.

Irrespective of the season, to fully enjoy its flavours, we recommend it to be served at 12-13⁰C, as a starter or together with salads, seafood, light meat on the grill or
dried and spicy charcuterie.

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