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Assemble(and taste)  your own wine - using varietals blended by us into our most critically acclaimed wines.  Do this while enjoying a live cooking experience around our Ofyr setup. This experience is available all year round.


Find out about the plant cycle, get hands on while camping in the vineyard and carefully surf that beautiful thin line between being sober and being drunk- while listening to DJ Marian’s mix -inspired by Guy’s unforgettable trip to Woodstock in ‘69. All of these while being embraced by the overwhelming smell of Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay flowers in June.



All throughout September we literally gather the fruits of our labour. Join us in an intensive work session where you learn the importance of the harvesting technique, experience why having a happy team makes for an exceptional wine and top it all up with a picnic on top of our Cabernet plantation.

Wine Tastings

We're always delighted to welcome guests and are eager to show you what over 25 years of experience in the stunning world of vineyards and wines means to us. Whether you're visiting with friends, colleagues, or business partners, we're pleased to introduce you to our winemaking process, vineyard care, and unique terroir through personalized tastings. Since 2012, we've been hosting intimate private events for wine enthusiasts. Join us for tastings under the dome of our pavilion, which holds up to 35 guests and opens up to a spacious courtyard.

The more you find out about wine, the more it draws you into its mesmerising world. Wine is nothing more and nothing less than a gate towards the natural world, God, the Universe, Infinity, Gaia.. it brings us at the level of our own sense of belonging to something bigger, of it all being connected to everything else. 


For those of us who allow ourselves to perceive the world this way, SERVE decided to take wine further, by allowing “laymen” to experience the processes us winemakers go through year after year. It’s meant to be educational, practical and most of all FUN- it’s why our events are called parties. Most of our parties are hosted by the owners and winemakers of SERVE.



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